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Buy the Car, Go on the Trip

Feb 07, 2024
Young boy driving a toy car

 Invest in your happiness.

I am a financial advisor who could be significantly further ahead financially than I am now.

Part of that is because I am an entrepreneur who has invested a LOT of money into creating my career, but the other part is because I spend a lot.

Life is short; we are not here forever. The idea of working a shit ton of hours just to save for a ‘better life down the road’ does not compute with me.

Money is meant to be spent

It is a tool to help you buy things that make you happy, whatever that means for you

In a world filled with endless choices and shiny objects, there's something special about finding the things that bring us real joy. 

Whether it's buying yourself a piece of jewelry with a price tag that makes you blush, a piece of expensive art that would induce a feeling of pride every time you walked in your living room, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, like traveling to Europe to watch your favourite football club play, the act of buying something that resonates with our hearts is powerful. 

It's so much more than a transaction; it's in the pursuit of happiness. If you’re someone who is highly focused on making good investment decisions (I applaud you!), think of it as an investment in your happiness.

Quality Over Quantity

More. More. More. In the age of consumerism, where the focus is often on accumulating more, the idea of intentional, mindful purchasing is refreshing. It's about quality over quantity; meaning over materialism. 

When we buy something that truly brings us joy, it transcends the fleeting thrill of acquiring more possessions and is a longer lasting source of happiness. It is not just about owning the ‘thing.’ It’s also about the process involved - the research, the anticipation, the smile it puts on our faces.

What Do You Want?

So, what purchase would bring you joy? Give yourself permission to ask the question 'what if?’ Is it something flashy like a sports car, or is it a weekly date night with your spouse? Whatever it is, do that.

For me, a small purchase that never ceases to bring me joy is sneakers. I’m not talking $900 limited-release Jordans, but simple Nike AirMaxes or white slip-on Vans. Putting on a crisp pair of shoes is something else for me - a transcendent moment. Instead of buying a new pair every six months (because I can afford to), I wait until they are dirty and creased; they give me the opposite feeling of what I described above.

Do something for yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it. I sure as hell am going to get better at this too!

You KNOW you are doing great

Here’s the rub. You know that you can afford whatever you are thinking about at this moment; you have probably been back and forth over it a dozen times but your brain is wired to make the ‘smart decision,’ which, in this case, is holding you back.

Do it. I dare you.

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