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Can I buy Life Insurance online?

estate planning investing life insurance life insurance policy Sep 29, 2021
Can I buy Life Insurance online?

Yes! You can buy a Tesla, a swimming pool, or a collection of lawn figurines from the '80s online, why not life insurance?

We don't sell it online, but if you are comfortable doing everything electronically, I would recommend PolicyMe (www.policyme.com). I have never bought from them, but I have followed them long enough to know that they know what they are doing and won't take advantage of you.

They have the mindset that you should only buy as much insurance as you need, I think that your budget should come into play - i.e. if you only 'need' $500,000, but getting $1,000,000 only costs you an extra $20 a month, you should get the million. My argument is that you will grow into your policy and this is an affordable and uncomplicated way to be set for life for insurance.

But, if you are looking for a 100% online experience with the cheapest premium policy, these guys would get my nod.

If you want to build your life insurance policy into your wealth plan, have more questions, or would like to have a relationship with your advisor - we are here to help.

Do not be afraid to buy online, also do not be afraid to ask questions!

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