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Disability Insurance is so expensive...but totally worth it!

critical illness coverage disability insurance life insurance policy Aug 05, 2021
Disability Insurance is so expensive...but totally worth it

As an (almost) 40 year-old, non-smoking male, I pay about $600 a month for my disability and critical illness policies. Madness, right?!

It hurts my soul to watch a truck payment come out of our account every month to go towards something I hope and pray I will never EVER have to use.

But you know would suck more? Watching my business erode in front of me as I lay in a hospital bed trying to fight an illness that is trying to take my life, whilst my family struggles to find the balance of being there for me and making ends meet.

My insurance polices rock! If I am ever sick, injured or worse - my family will be fine.

Entrepreneurs inherently gamble with their family's finances, being properly ensured allows me to push my business aspirations and not take the safe route while knowing that everything will be okay with my family. Always.

If you are self-employed and don't have a work plan, you NEED disability and critical illness coverage to go along with your life policy ;).

We recommend one year gross income for critical illness coverage and - as a minimum - the monthly amount of your family's consistent spending for disability coverage.

Comment below if you think we are crazy or on to something....

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