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Favorite Follow: Michelle Robertson

financial advice money management Aug 25, 2021
Favorite Follow: Michelle Robertson

I met Michelle on the internet, I can honestly say my first and only virtual friend!

She is a former CFO and current money coach. I messaged her randomly when I stumbled on one of her brilliant posts and the rest is history.

Her goal is simple, “to shrink the wealth gap between women and men”, and I'm here for it - ALL of it!

I highly recommend the follow, she drops gems daily.  And, if you’re looking for a boost on getting your financial house in order, she has a subscription course available at a very reasonable price.

She won’t put it this bluntly, but she thinks people can invest on their own, without the help of an advisor like me. 😕

She’s not wrong, nor is she right, and one day we will debate this in a live forum! (if she's brave enough😉)

Give her a follow @ms.moneyandmath with a 👍if you want us argue on the internet, live.

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