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Is my advisor robbing me blind?

fees financial advice financial planning Oct 12, 2021
Is my advisor robbing me blind?

According to television ads, your financial advisor is a crook who's dead set on robbing you blind and leaving your family poor in retirement. 🥴

I have to hand it to the folks at @questrade, they have done a very good job of promoting their platform based on their fees being cheaper. I know they’re doing a good job because I have an adverse emotional reaction every time one comes on.

Here's the skinny: fees are important - yes. But they are NOT the most important thing, not even close.

The madness has to stop and we are tackling this problem with transparency and education.

Nothing to hide; all fees are disclosed, talked about and explained; the cards are on the table from the first conversation. If they’re not with the person that you’re getting your advice from, you need to start talking about it or find someone else.

Found yourself not sure what you’re paying? Email me! Happy to go through your statements with you and show you exactly what you’re paying 📧 [email protected]

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