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Plan A: Make more money!

financial advice financial planning Sep 04, 2021
Plan A: Make more money!

Stop trying to be rich by cutting your Netflix, go make more money.

Seriously. You can 'save' your way into a lifestyle that you don’t want, or you can just work harder, smarter, or do something different.

Gross oversimplification of a very complex situation? Yes! But hear me out...

First and foremost, if you’re a spendaholic that can’t control their problem (hands up if you've been there! 🙋🏻‍♂️), none of what is below will help. Spending money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like - or even know - is a very real thing. If you can’t tell the difference between justifying a $15/month Netflix subscription and driving a car that is 40% of your monthly take home expense, you have a problem.

If this is you, email me [email protected] - lets chat. I've been there and it's a lonely, shitty place to be and I’m happy to listen without judgement. I promise.

For the rest of you, here is my thinking...

If you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed or a commission sales person, you already know that revenue solves more problems than managing expenses does.

Should you worry more about what quality of paper to use in your photocopier, or work on a proposal that will help land you a $5,000 commission? EXACTLY!

Your personal life isn't much different. Cutting cable seems to be everyone's solution for saving money (played this game several times personally), but is that extra $100/month really gonna change your stars? Probably not.

Instead, make more money. If you can't do that at your current job, but you absolutely love what you do and don't want to change, than do something on the side - multi-level marketing, drive for Uber (been there! surprisingly incredibly fun and rewarding), get a job at HomeSense (although this may cost you more than you bring in! ha), etc.

If you can make more at your job, do it! Focus on getting the promotion, double your sales effort, find time to put in some extra work that will directly correlate with more money. If you hate your job AND you don't make enough at it to live a decent lifestyle - quit. Life is too short, go find something you love. I would bet that you make more money at it eventually too.

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