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TrueNorth Accounting

accounting calgary money advice financial advice Oct 07, 2021
TrueNorth Accounting

Accounting is arguably as boring, if not more boring (or 10X more boring if you ask me) than investing and life insurance. It is so boring, that 'being an accountant' is my standard litmus test for the most boring job on earth 🤓

When I met the crew @truenorthaccounting my perception changed forever. I was first attracted to them by their branding - it spoke to me! For an accounting firm to have branding was a paradigm shift on its own, but to have the quality and clarity of message that they did, I was impressed before I had even met them.

I have known and worked with them - both personally and referring clients to them - for 2 years now and I am continually impressed with their entire operation.

They answer all sorts of strategic tax questions for me (in a very timely fashion), they provide webinars to all of their clients (which saved my wife thousands of dollars in her business through the pandemic!), ANDDD they do everything electronically.

I aspire to be as cool, efficient, and clear on their message as they are. If you are a small business owner in need of an accountant that feels like a teammate, I could not recommend these guys more.

If you want to see what they are all about first, follow them on the gram - lots of great free (nerdy, but explained in a not so nerdy way) content.

A simplified wealth plan with a down-to-earth approach and continuous service, so you can get back to your life.


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